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The benefits of a specialist executive recruitment agency

In the years since we began in recruitment, we have probably heard most of the descriptions regarding recruitment consultancies. To be perfectly honest, we agree with most of them. Below are a number of the more frequently heard ones thus highlighting the benefits of a specialist executive recruitment agency.

You don’t offer value for money

Recruitment consultancies have developed as people have become busier, and have less time to sift through CVs. The cost of using a consultancy should reflect the benefit to you of using one. Our rates are lower than our competitors, our guarantee period is twice as long, and in most cases, you pay nothing until the candidate has started with you.

There is no pre-selection, all I get sent are the CVs off the database, most of which are irrelevant

The whole raison d’etre of a specialist executive recruitment agency is to make your life, and your recruitment process easier. You will not get loads of CVs from us. We would expect to have gained sufficient understanding of your business that you interview every candidate we put in front of you. As for these candidates, we always supplement our database with confidential advertising, ensuring the best selection of suitable, available candidates.

The consultants don’t understand the brief I’ve given them

Unfortunately most recruitment consultants are young, fall into it by accident and don’t stay very long. This is particularly true in the bigger agencies. We have been around for a long time and intend being around for a lot longer. Our experience gives us the edge.

I need to use different consultancies for different types and levels of jobs

We are multi-disciplinary consultancy, and have recruited for a wide range of roles in different locations, and at different levels of experience and salary. Our philosophy is that, given an in-depth understanding of your business and the requirements for each role, we will be able to source quality candidates at any level and in any field. The list of previous assignments indicates the depth and breadth of our experience.

Why shouldn’t I just advertise?

Admittedly, the cost of using a recruitment consultancy as opposed to an advertisement is much more expensive. However, newspaper advertising is no longer effective, as most people use the internet to look for jobs, and internet advertising attracts large responses, most of which are irrelevant.

I am bombarded with information, canvass calls, flyers etc

It is true that you may have been directed to this website by a mail shot we have sent to you. However, it is extremely unlikely that you will receive more than four in any one calendar year. We do not cold call. We do not have glossy brochures or tacky corporate gifts, which enables us to keep our costs down. We would rather you use us because we offer a professional, value added service, not because you had a mouse mat with our name on it.

Why use you?

Because we are a different specialist executive recruitment agency, we would prefer that you used us exclusively. However we accept that until we have proved ourselves, we are happy to work alongside other consultancies to ensure that your assignment is successfully completed. We do not suffer from professional jealousy, our aim is to provide you with the best service we can.

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