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My client is one of the market leaders in its field, with a long held reputation for product quality, customer service and designing innovative solutions. As part of their pl ...

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My client is a long established, award winning manufacturing company which has successfully diversified away from its original markets and in doing so has not only opened up n ...


Jobs in Logistics

Logistics within the context of business covers a wide range of areas and therefore jobs in logistics can vary enormously from one organisation to another. 

Many people think of jobs in logistics as only being found within traditional warehousing and haulage companies and, although this is certainly true, these jobs tend to be limited to managing drivers or overseeing third party logistics (3PL) contracts. 

The most interesting jobs in logistics, and those with the widest appeal, are to be found in companies who rely heavily on the entire supply chain function for the smooth running of their business.  Again, there is a huge diversity to the logistic jobs that are required in these companies. 

In manufacturing businesses, the process covers goods in, which will mostly relate to raw materials coming in and being stored prior to entry into the manufacturing process, and then delivery of finished goods to customers.  With importing and distribution companies, the jobs in logistics cover an even broader spectrum – not only will there be the logistics and shipping of goods coming in (often, but not exclusively, by the container load from the Far East), storage and warehousing, picking, packing and despatch, and often any customer service issues relating to delivery.  It is often felt that the skills gained in both areas of these jobs are not transferable from one area to another and to a certain extent that is true – managing a flow of goods is a different kettle of fish to managing a bunch of trucks and truckers.

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