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My client is one of the market leaders in its field, with a long held reputation for product quality, customer service and designing innovative solutions. As part of their pl ...

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My client is a long established, award winning manufacturing company which has successfully diversified away from its original markets and in doing so has not only opened up n ...


Executive career development

If you have executive aspirations, then it is important that your executive career development is well managed, but it does not mean that if you are not Chief Executive of Zeneca by the time you are forty that you have not made it.  There used to be such a thing as a glass ceiling and a view that if you wanted to make something of yourself, you had to have done so by your late thirties.  Presumably this means that a significant proportion of the population are not capable of contributing to society and making a success of their careers?

Executive career development is a steady upward path in terms of status, responsibility and title; even if it means that you do not consistently move to bigger companies.  The best executive career development can often take place in smaller, dynamic, growing companies where the challenges faced on a day by day and year by year basis vary tremendously from the challenges you may get in a multi-national organisation.  If all you are after in your career development is a bigger salary or bigger desk or a bigger car, then there are plenty of organisations that you can enter at a graduate level and exit with a gold carriage clock years later.  However, the executive development opportunities on offer by working your way through a range of roles within different sizes of organisation will make you a more rounded character and candidate, more adaptable and with a much more fulfilling career than a corporate type.

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