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It’s all in the edit

Monday, September 16th, 2019

I had a letter printed in Radio Times this week. I say letter as it was actually an e-mail, but you get my drift.

Other than the rather odd sense of excitement (not least because it was awarded a prize for comedy letter of the week), I was slightly disappointed to note that they had only used two thirds of the actual body of what I had originally sent. It could have been a space thing, or it could have been that only two thirds of my rant was worth publishing, but I’ll never know.


What is the point (actually)?

Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

I’m not given to introspection or navel gazing, life is too short for that, but sometimes you do have to sit back and think exactly why am I doing this?

I read an article recently that discussed the all pervading e-mail and how it had come to mean that you were never uncontactable. Ironically, I read the article when I was on holiday, but that’s a whole different basket of apples.