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Who exactly is in charge?

Monday, February 25th, 2019

This week saw yet another entry into the Fashion world’s “What were they thinking?” competition. We’ve had Gucci’s Blackface balaclava jumper (who knew we needed one of them?) which followed hot on the heels of Prada’s blackface items, Katy Perry’s shoes and Holocaust T-shirts. Now we get Burberry hoodies complete with hangman’s noose.

There has been plenty of moral outrage on both social media and traditional print, highlighting a lack of diversity within the industry that allows these products to come through. No-one seems to have questioned the process behind it though, preferring instead to bang on about the higher moral ground.


Staying grounded

Monday, February 11th, 2019

On the opening weekend of the Six Nations, Wayne Barnes refereed the France v Wales game in Paris. The next day he refereed the Premiership Rugby Cup game between Harlequins and Saracens.

On the Saturday, Luke Pearce refereed the Scotland v Italy game in Edinburgh and the day after the game between Bristol and Exeter in the same competition.


The transfer market

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

The January transfer window has closed with hardly any headline news and the lowest amount of business for a number of years. The vast majority of business that did take place was between lower divisions or the clubs struggling in the Premier League.

What is typical, particularly with the January window, is the (at best) second rate players that move to apparently bigger clubs, moves that often leave the supporters of that club scratching their heads at why the club has bought that player and what on earth that player is going to bring to the club. Not making light of the situation, but I doubt many Cardiff City fans had heard of Emiliano Sala before his plane crashed into the sea.