Ramp Up the Red

The British Heart Foundation are the biggest funder of charitable heart research in the UK.

They are fighting for everybody who suffers with a heart condition – from babies born with life-threatening heart problems, to the many mums, dads and grandparents who survive a heart attack and endure the daily struggles of heart failure. Their research has already helped to transform lives; but there are still so many people who need help.

Today is Ramp Up the Red day, which is why you might see more people around than you might expect sporting something, anything, that is bright red. It might be socks, a tie, or even hair!

Heart disease can be caused by a range of controllable factors, such as diet and lack of exercise, but it is also indescriminate, and often hereditary. Even as detection and survival rates grow for many types of cancers, so heart disease continues to take lives at any age, and the BHF does amazing work raising funds and awareness into the many different forms that it can take.

The Briritsh Heart Foundation is one of the charities that we support. If you would like further information on them and their work, the website is www.bhf.org.uk.


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