Happy New Year?

So we survived the end of the world, novovirus and the wettest year since records began; what does the bright, shiny 2013 hold for us all?

Nothing new, if all the reports are to be believed. The coalition has reiterated its promises to the nation by trotting out the same rubbish that it has been doing since it was elected (or not elected….) The US has backed off from the fiscal cliff more by luck than judgement. Construction is in freefall, the retail sector was saved only by a mad rush between Christmas and New Year. And yet…..

More new cars were sold last year than for four years; the total value of equity deals rose in 2012; activity in the service sector is higher than two years ago; unemployment continues to fall and the number of companies placed into administration last year also reduced. So who should you believe, and which is the correct view of the global economy?

Essentially all the views are correct and really your confidence in the economy is exactly that, a personal point of view from your own perspective and which suits your own circumstances. If you have recently been made redundant, or worse been unemployed for a period of time, the outlook might look quite bleak. If your business is chasing opportunities, seeking openings in emerging markets, or even just very good at what it does, the future is encouraging and a time to make inroads.

Companies continue to expand, but more cautiously, and will often only recruit when contracts have been achieved, not in order to achieve contracts. This is therefore putting an interesting twist on recruitment, with long gestation periods before the green light is given to recruitment exercises and then everything being needed yesterday. Perversely, this is good news for candidates – clients want to make quick decisions and are often looking at taking on candidates who can start immediately over those who have to serve notice. The old adage of “it’s easier to find a job when you’re in a job” no longer has the same ring.

So there you go. Happy New Year. Make of it what you will, and 2013 will live up or down to your expectations.

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