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Now what?

Monday, September 17th, 2012

And so it came to pass that the once in a lifetime summer came and went. And let’s be fair, with the exception of the football at either end (be realistic, no-one really cares about overpaid prima donnas), it was an astounding summer of achievement, dedication and hard work, not just from the athletes involved but from everyone behind the scenes as well. So now there is just a feeling of emptiness, almost a hangover from the massive party that has been going on since Wimbledon started.

What the last three months or so have done though is given everyone something with which to forget the mess we are actually still in. Or so we thought – when 80,000 people can simultaneously boo a senior politician on a world stage, then maybe we haven’t all forgotten about how little this government has done and is doing about the economy. The time is right now for individuals to take a lesson from the athletes that have so excited and entranced us.