A belated April Fool?

I know that if everyone did the same thing or similar things in the same way life would be very dull indeed. Call me a Luddite, but I do believe there are some things that can only be done in certain ways, often demanding a personal touch or time investment. I was amazed to read about a piece of software which will enable recruitment agencies to promote candidates and fill vacancies via its online platform.

The website also provides a central point for recruiters to purchase and upload their own video CVs to promote both vacancies and candidates online. Apparently, it has been developed because even the best written CV can lack personality, and the video technology allows recruitment consultants to really get a feel for the person, including both their skills and their ability to communicate. The developers want to make life easier for recruiters so that filing through paper CVs will soon be a thing of the past.

It appears that these developers have missed the last ten years or so; no-one sends “paper CVs” anymore. And as for getting a feel for the person, you could always use that 19th century invention, the telephone, or an even older invention, the space between your ears.

As a profession, recruitment consultants have a deservedly bad press at the best of times, so it is impossible to see how something like this, coupled with the word search programmes that most recruitment consultancies now use to assess CVs, can lead to raising the standards within the sector. Most candidate applications now include LinkedIn links, and there are still those who believe that a photograph on a CV is a good thing.

All that this technology will do is make the lazy recruitment consultants even more lazy, and the industry more and more like internet dating. Conversely, the reputations of those recruitment agencies who believe in old fashioned principles like reading CVs and meeting candidates face to face will only be enhanced by everyone else’s headlong rush towards technological Nirvana.

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