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HR issues, but no HR function? Read on……………………..

Monday, January 30th, 2012

In an irregular, but hopefully informative, series, we aim to bring to your attention partner companies and services that may offer a solution to your day to day business needs. Today’s partner company is HR Integrated Solutions,

HR Integrated Solutions is a qualified, talented and visionary team of Human Resources and Training professionals, who specialise in offering flexible, bespoke and quality solutions, working in collaboration with your business.


The price is right

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Like many people, I did virtually all of my Christmas shopping on-line. As is traditional, even for actual shops, the price displayed for the goods that you want to buy is advertised and that is the price that you pay for the goods. I don’t think I have ever been in a store and said to the shop assistant “I’d like to buy this product but I am not prepared to buy it at the price you quote” – if I did, I suggest I might be asked politely to leave and stop scaring the children.

The price on an advertisement is exactly what it says; it is what you will have to pay to acquire that product. So why do candidates applying for jobs online believe that the salary advertised is a starting point for negotiation? When applying for a role, there are a number of matters you would probably consider – job title, job content, location and salary. You wouldn’t apply for a job and then turn round and ask for the job to be based somewhere other than the company’s offices, or ask that it is called something else.