C’mon guys, put on a different CD……………….

I’m not sure that I might have missed something in the last couple of weeks, but it appears that Europe is in meltdown, our Prime Minister is either a complete buffoon or a national hero, depending on the red-top that you read and it’s nearly Christmas.

December is traditionally the month where recruitment grinds to a halt as everyone looks forward to their Christmas Party (remember them?) and puts any career plans on hold until the New Year. However, we are in the extremely fortunate position to be recruiting for a number of clients who are already planning for next year. It does mean that I have spent quite some time in hotels, assessing the quality of the Christmas decorations in between meetings. Most have been extremely tasteful, but I have noticed one major thing – every hotel has the same Christmas CD playing over the sound system. Seriously, I am waking up in the middle of the night with “Another Rock ‘n’ Roll Xmas” going through my head, and it’s beginning to drive me mad.

So, in this season of goodwill to all men, if you see someone rocking gently on a comfy sofa in a hotel of a major chain, probably near a motorway, weeping as Shakin’ Stevens plays in the background, please spare me a thought. And buy me a drink………………..

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