Green shoots?

I don’t know whether it is something in the water or just an indication that people are losing patience with the whole Eurozone crisis, but there is a definite change of mood in the recruitment market.

The last few months had seen a lot of clients deferring recruitment until the future was clearer, but it now seems that these same clients are taking control of their own destiny and seeking to strengthen their staffing to take advantage of the opportunities that are being presented to them. Regardless of how long this “crisis” continues, and let’s be fair we have been living under a cloud for nearly four years now, there are good businesses out there, making stuff, selling stuff and making profits. There also seems to be a willingness on behalf of some banks, though not all, to invest in really good opportunities.

All this should be positive for candidates and clients alike. There are more, better candidates looking for new roles; previously, many had been wary of leaping into new challenges, fearful of leaving “the devil you know”. Candidates in work looking for new jobs creates its own momentum; after all the jobs they leave will need filling.

Most importantly there seems to a collective lifting of the gloom, almost a Dunkirk spirit emerging whereby business leaders are not wringing their hands in despair, but instead shoving two fingers up at the naysayers and European doom mongerers, and getting on with the matter in hand, namely growing their companies and making money.

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