Our Charities

Over the last few years, even as the economy has worsened and money gets tighter, one area that hasn’t changed its requirements, and may even have increased, is the number of charities seeking our help and donations. It is unlikely that you can walk down your local high street or through a shopping centre without being harassed by chuggers looking to sign you up to regular donations to a specific charity. I am sure that all are equally deserving, but charity giving should be something about which you are passionate, and therefore a very personal choice. At Managed Recruitment Solutions, we support three charities but at very specific times of the year, and in very specific ways.

September is the month we support the British Heart Foundation; we hold a golf day and the raffle proceeds are matched and donated. At Christmas we support Marie Curie Cancer Care, primarliy through our Christmas cards. In November, we support prostate cancer and testicular cancer initiatives through the growing of unnecessary facial hair.

We don’t ask for donations to any of these causes (although we would never turn any away, and would match any we received pound for pound) but instead pladge a percentage of all invoices raised during the appropriate month to the respective charity.

Recruit someone in these months and, in addition to solving your own staffing issues, you will be doing your bit for these incredibly deserving causes.

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