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As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients, we have entered into a number of strategic alliances with other business service providers in a bid to provide a comprehensive range of business solutions.  Our focus remains solely on recruitment, but we are pleased to introduce one of our partners, Icon Business Solutions, and in particular their representative in your local area, Mike Nixon.

Icon Business Solutions offers a different approach to business growth consultancy, and rather than lecturing a business owner on the right of wrong way to do everything, they focus instead on measuring where a business is now, where the owners and leaders want it to be and what steps are needed to secure the required level of success.

That practical approach is reflected in their very first contact with a business, starting with a free Business Health Check.  This contains practical advice on ways forward for a business and giving ideas on the ‘headline’ activities necessary to drive greater profitability, work-life balance and efficiency.  It’s a useful, no commitment way for both the business and Icon advisors to judge the potential for effective partnership working.

If a business wants to proceed beyond that, and their advisors assess that the levels of growth being targeted are realistic, then a programme is started. Typically lasting between 6 and 12 months, these programmes are again based on practical, proven activities that move the company from the base line at the start through to the milestones of success identified by the company. And this is perhaps a key differential for Icon – their advisors don’t define the targets – the business does.

Mike Nixon can be contacted via, and his profile can be viewed at Nixon.pdf

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